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Zentai? Lycra? Bodysuit? If you're new to this wonderful world of special clothing, then you are probably really confused as to what all these terms mean. Don't worry, continue reading and you'll be a pro in no time!
Firstly, let's start with the feel. There are varying shapes and sizes to suits but they all share in common the skintight feeling. They are made to your body shape and hug tightly to your skin. So much so that some people call it a “second skin”. A Japanese term that has been adopted is “zentai” which is a shortened form of a Japanese phrase that means “full body tights”. This tightness is due to the stretchy nature of the material. When you put it on, it stretches over your body and hugs all your curves. As you move, it stretches and relaxes to follow all of your movements!
There are also different amounts of the body that the suit covers. If it covers the entire body, including head and feet, then it's called a bodysuit. If it leaves your head uncovered, then it's a catsuit. There are also other shapes too. Wrestlers wear a singlet, divers wear a wetsuit, and dancers can wear tights. The suit can even come in separate parts such as detached hands/feet or, like cyclists, come in tops and bottoms. But regardless of what part of the body it covers, it's sure to give you that snug feeling and freedom of a second skin.
Finally, there are different materials the suit can be made of. Typically, the suit is made out of spandex. Spandex or elastane is the term for a synthetic fiber that has great stretching qualities. It is used in many types of clothing that requires stretch and comfort. Lycra is a brand name that was copyrighted by DuPont (a chemical company). Therefore, Lycra is a specific brand of spandex. Other types of material suits can be made out of are PVC, cotton, and velvet. Each has their own special feel and qualities. Suits also come in a rainbow of colors: from solid colors, to multicolored, to shiny colors. With so many options to choose from, you can mix and match to find the suit of your dreams!
Now that you understand what a zentai suit is, what is it for? Well a suit is very special to its owner. Whether it is for fashion, cosplay, clothing, or fetish, a suit means a lot to the person wearing it. Some people wear it as a fashion statement. Others wear it to become their favorite superheroes. Still, others wear it just for the comfort and skintight feeling. Regardless of what you use it for, zentai suits are awesome! Get one for yourself today!

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